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buttress okneel

known foremost for her politically-charged audio documentaries, bok has made pieces for pod, and worked with papa d, mantis sage, and bress on various projects. Specialising in tight sample editing and the use of verbatim news footage over rearranged pop music, she has also archived three cds worth of CD skips, claiming it is ‘artificial intelligence. One of the 16 Unnamed Unmentionables of the InterWebMegaLink Control Board, she is largely responsible for the Recycling Division, is half of the Fruiting Body, and regularly turns her compop, remixing it into fresh, nutrient-rich humusic every few months or so. Recently, she has been documenting the rumours that the WTC disaster of s11 2001 was actually a hoax.

She finds it very hard to believe.

- Working Class Rhapsody (Compop 2.4) [3.71mb]
- Satisfied. Enough. ('Megabastard') [4.76mb]

comparable to: negativland, john oswald, girl talk, wobbly, red symons (electronic work only), steev hise, christopher penrose, osymyso

available material:

the psyops strategies recycled response series

dear fellow australians
remetic remedia psyoperational pstrategies electroactivist bok set
i wish i could be peaceful
the oil of war
there's nobody following you, you're imagining it
not buying it
the first year of terror
afraid of enduring freedom
the new masters of the universe
melbourne and the enormous crocodile
proudly unaustralian


compop 4.4: "megabastard"
compop 3.5: "bastard pop"
compop 2.4: a megamegamix
compop 1.2: a permaculture initiative

compact scip

compact scippp
compact scipp
compact scip

All 'buttress o'kneel' albums released through the Interwebmegalink; to obtain a FREE copy, feel free to contact

'Afraid of Enduring Freedom' is also available (more professional-looking and with extra underground street-cred) from illegalart.
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