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Afraid Of Enduring Freedom    By Donation
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Afraid of Enduring Freedom (2002)

The release that shot Buttress O'Kneel to international stardom, 'Afraid of Enduring Freedom' was begun less than an hour after the collapse of the Twin Towers. Utilising the memetic powers of Public Enemy, Marvin Gaye, David Bowie, Cyndi Lauper and many others, and splicing them with speeches, interviews and talkback radio, this CD treads the thin line between rockumentary and all-out war. Dealing with rampant hypocrisy, propaganda, lies, the secret quest for oil, and more hypocrisy, and still coming in at around 30 minutes, this densely-packed popumentary is hystory distilled, bottled, distilled again, somehow converted into audio, and pressed on a CD.

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track list

CD 1
1. a) Footage Louder than a Bomb b) Hunt Down and Punish c) I'm Afraid
2. a) Polite Means b) I'm Quite Afraid
3. a) Too Much Anthrax b) Escape from New York
4. a) The Judgment of Lesser Nations b) I'm Rather Afraid c) What's Been Going on?
5. a) I'm Very Afraid b) The Opposite of Peace c) Oilfinger
6. a) I'm Extremely Afraid b) Terror and Suicide c) To Carry On

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