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featuring ex-members of Plastic Spacemen, BJ Petroleum, L.U.M.P., gLOBALmINDfUCK and Slopbox, and current members of New Horizons in Violence, At Sea, and ...And Oot Jumped the Mexican, this dynamic duo continue the great swelling Movement of Melbournian Soundscapers and Audiomancers that has sweeping this rich brown land for the last few years.  

Phonophobic are the ubiquitous Egg “Mardy” Chicken, and the entrepreneurial E-Wok.  Armed only with v-drums and keys, this two-piece perform their death-defying feats of audioscaping and soundomancy without a net, any form of breathing apparatus, or any need for illegal substances.  Well, without many.

Phonophobic have been featured on the soundtrack to ‘The PhanDom Menace’, where their eerie space-driving “music” highlights both the tragic events of the release of ‘Star Wars: Episode One’, and the repercussions this had on the brave and loyal ‘Skywalking’ fan club. 

comparable to: goblin, and oot jumped the mexican, prop, zanzibar cob, eno and fripp, tortoise, at sea.
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