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Compop 3.5 (2003)

“Bastard pop is the rather clever name being given to a new form of bootlegging, where two or more wildly different tracks are combined to (it is hoped) original effect, usually without worrying too much about who actually owns the rights... Certainly, it is throwing up some interesting if unwitting collaborations between artists who would superficially appear to have little in common... Cynics given to muttering that all pop music is the same may seize on bastard pop as final proof. Here is a genre to erase all genres, existing in a kind of alternative musical universe, where fashion distinctions are blurred and every musical style is interconnected.” - Neil McCormick, Daily Telegraph, London, 27 04 2002

This is Buttresss first take on Bastard Pop; featuring eminem, missy e, vanilla ice, aphex twin, tlc, the beatles, busta rhymes, coldcut, george michael, michael jackson, the doors, neneh cherry, destinys child, queens of the stone age, morbid angel, and many more...

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track list

CD 1
1. without shady
2. working standards
3. ice ice shady
4. windowscrubber
5. careless wilding
6. a day in stanís life
7. riders 4 my storm
8. gimme some buffalo
9. here comes the bad
10. loc is down with his dog
11. lardelicious
12. get ur friends
13. the shady hollow
14. let's smooth their caps back
15. surviving the hula
16. without margins

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