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How to Make it Big (Sign up with Lucifer) 

“Lucifer was involved in the music of heaven.  He therefore knows its power...

In the secular music scene today, the bands or individuals who hope to make it to the top, sell their souls to satan... Inspiration for words and music then comes from one of three sources. (1) Drugs, (2) Transcendental Meditation (3) Automatic writing...

The group cuts their master tape, then place it inside a hexagram and dedicate it to satan...  That is why the majority of groups today specialise in (i) Smoke (ii) Fire (iii) An obsession with death (iv) Weird makeup (v) Occult symbols (vi) Bible verses (vii) Lack of real joy.

By the way, over 80% of rock music is in a minor key (depressive).”

Smith, Second Warning, 1985 (reprinted 1997), pp 165-7

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