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pig slash rhino:

already heralded as the future of specific types of music, and the present of all music in general, pig slash rhino take the destructive aspects of noise bands, couple it with the sensitive side of ambient bands, and meld it all with the delicate sensibilities of three tonnes of tightly-coiled pachyderm. Still only several months old, pig slash rhino are already at the forefront of the many fragile/disturbient bands that are popping up all over Melbourne, simultaneously defining the genre as a whole, and breaking down those restrictive definitions, helping free the genre from words and release it back into the meme-pool, fresh and newborn.

With songs like the classic “my family was killed in the bali bombings, and all i got was this lousy t-shirt”, and the crowd-pleasing “you know im hardcore coz i wear a bandana”, pig slash rhino are destined to break free of any predestination they may be constrained by.

comparable to: bowl of dick, lazy, supersilent, the true pod, controlled bleeding, merge into stripes.
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