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"Heroes" (2004)

Buttress OKneel never sleeps. “Her finger perennially poised on her VCR's record button, she is People Like Us or Negativland with a world conscience, and Michael Moore's audio counterpart.” (W.Miller, Splendid eMagazine, 22 07 04) The 2004 instalment of her series of audio documentaries does not disappoint; the focus this time is on abuses of power, and the Superabuses of Superpower. How did G W Bush get so rich? How did he get voted in? Why are we friends with Saudi Arabia? Why are our children being tortured by the USA? Utilising documentaries, reports, reviews and interviews, Buttress has opted to cut this with only one other source; the works of David Bowie. Initially annoyed at how much coincidental crossover there was with Fahrenheit 9/11, Buttress now sees it as merely yet more evidence that shes on the right track...

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track list

CD 1
1. Prologue: Itís No Game
2. Wishful Beginnings
3. Scary Monsters
4. Telling Lies
5. God Knows
6. Red Money
7. Loyalty
8. You Little Wonder You
9. Kill for the Good of the Fight for the Right to be Right
10. The Laughing Gnome
11. The Secret Life of Saudi Arabia
12. Assassins
13. Opening Doors and Pulling Some Strings
14. A Sense of Doubt
15. Like a Leaf From a Tree
16. We Can Beat Them
17. So Degrading
18. Rebels Rebels
19. Wonder Sometimes

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