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the Horn

there are a lot of bands nowadays swearing themselves to satan, yadda yadda. What we here at the InterWebMegaLink are after is bands who swear themselves to things weve never heard of, things so far at the edge of our comprehension that to even give them a name is to make them several orders of magnitude more ‘real. Things more ancient. Things more magical.

The Ancient Egyptians, though positively wet behind the ears compared to the Ancient Ones themselves, still had more access to the Elder Times than any amount of satanism today can dream of; moreso, they had Spells. Hundreds of the fucking things, from how to Combat a Beetle, to how to Not Go Upside Down and Eat Faeces. There had to be a metal band that was meddling with these Dark Forces, a bunch of long-haired bong-smoking dole-bludgers who were into brutal metal but also into the Dark and Ancient Powers of Not Eating Shit.

We found this band, and it was The Horn.

- Spell 104 [3.15mb]
- Spell 176 [3.46mb]

comparable to: fuck you god, the true p.o.d, nile, fuck... im dead, agoraphobic nosebleed, noism.

available material:

the egyptian book of the dead: volume 1

All 'the horn' albums released through Guitar and Plunger Studios; for purchasing information, feel free to contact

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