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around the same time Plastic Spacemen were attempting to redefine pop, BJ Petroleum were trying to revive low-tuned bluesy swamp-rock, gLOBALmINDfUCK were pushing their cut-up distorted electro-phat, and Lazy were showing the world that Melbournians could be as atonal and disjointed as anyone, Slopbox were redefining heavy post-rock. Starring the ever-present Egg “Mardy” Chicken on drums, the detuned and disfigured black-metal-jazz guitar stylings of long-time the true POD collaborator Millar, the genius compositional skills of songwriter the Yjame, and occasional neo-grindcore grunts from Baxter (of Lazy and Bucketrider fame), Slopbox were a tour-de-force of brutality, whimsy, and incredible riffage.

Ranging from metal to prog and back again in the space of a few bars, Slopbox continued to get better and better, writing more and more amazing stuff, until the band exploded in a torrent of drug abuse, frayed tempers, motivational dislocation, and the terrible sway of Intergalactic Hungers best left unnamed.

We miss them.

- Bob 3 (unreleased) [2.96mb]
- Newslop (unreleased) [5.58mb]

comparable to: the jesus lizard, scratch acid, gLOBALmINDfUCK, budd, incline, fugazi, b j petroleum, don caballero, plastic spacemen, bungalow of love.
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