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macro/microtonal guitarist, computer improgrammer, and street-wise rapper, adm has been involved in so many projects it is difficult to fit them into a spreadsheet without crashing the CPU. As well as his aphex-pusher blistering distorted breakbeat solo electronic work, he is involved in random-soundtrack-generating two piece merge into stripes, the improvised space-rock three-piece zanzibar cob, the Ancient Egyptian stylings of black-metallers The Horn, the everchanging and everlasting true P.O.D, the electromancing dance-experimentia of oim 6yv, the true evil epitome of true evil, fuck you god, to the ambient eno-noodlings of his pure live admacophone delay-guitar. Also happens to be one of the 16 Unnamed Unmentionables of the InterWebMegaLink Control Board.

- Gung Ho Like A Western (off the album "massif") [528kb]
- Fornalan 3 (off the album "girth") [5.09mb]

comparable to: Squarepusher, Prefuse 73, recent Coldcut, Hrvatski, Aphex Twin, Bogdan Raczynski

available material:

awaiting the mutant child
music for a dark cartoon
careless thumbs break the yolk of the moon
break ob day
ultra milde shag
a d machine cat
filke mojo
turnin dust into stars
like snow n supernovae
tehkno du zeuhl

All 'a d machine' albums released through Guitar and Plunger Studios; for purchasing information, feel free to contact
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