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the stabs

a veritable super-band composed of members of Bowl of Dick, Assmadeus, Din of Inequity, Deathlehem, and the sometimes bass player for Kelley Stoltz, the stabs began life as the Jodi Mohrs, only to quickly realise that their particular brand of death-punk bent-edge rock-rock was more suited to a name more redolent with knife-slaying. As the Stabs, they have quickly come to world fame, producing nearly as many t-shirts as bowl of dick, and baffling audience after audience with their drug-crazed on-stage self-destructive hijinks. Whether on speed, alcohol, acid, dope, or some lethal combination of all four, the stabs are sure to entertain, even if it is at their own nihilistic expense.

comparable to: jihad against america, slopbox, the jesus lizard, din of inequity.

available material:

the stabs (7")

Released through Weather Records; for purchasing information, feel free to contact

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