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scottie’s cut’n’paste project

self-declared “news junkie”, award-winning electromancer, and 23rd level Miskatonik SurRealist, Mr Cut’n’Paste and his Project come to us from Canada. As the InterWebMegaLink’s sole Canadian memetic recontextualiser, he is perhaps more important to the universe than even he realises...

Best known for his sonic battleworks against the reptilian overlords Rumsfeld and Dubya, Mr Cut’n’Paste is also reknowned for his mindscapes and metaphilosophic aural drugscursions, sometimes solely created from others’ works, sometimes generated by his own machines.

Some call him the Canadian Buttress O’Kneel; some call him a sound-addled hippy; still others call him a drugless hope-addict. Whatever the actual case, his Project continues...

With a palette consisting of the entirety of all media, and a stringent ear for the surReality of reContext, Scottie Cut’N’Paste is a northern-hemispherical force to be reckoned with. If you enjoy reckoning forces now and then.

And who doesn’t?

comparable to: negativland, buttress o’kneel, the evolution control committee, wax audio, people like us, new horizons in violence

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