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with the first year anniversary of the attacks on the Two Towers and the Pentagon coming up, it was decided by certain parties affiliated with the InterWebMegaLink that there needed to be some sort of commemoration of the event, whether by memorial re-enactment, some sort of insightful and educational live-on-stage musical, or the more traditional, and simple, invasion of a randomly-assigned middle-eastern country. In the end it was decided that there would be a series of “bands” performing “music”; one of these “bands” selected was Buttress OKneel.

A paranoid recluse and constantly afraid she will be assassinated by Elohim-Angel Greys for her secret dabblings in the Dark Notes and Forbidden Beats, she refuses to play. Instead, Dodgy DJ Dave (meme-pollinator and unheard radio presenter), Papa D (long-time media manipulator and cultural-management assassin), and a.d.macHine (ubereditor and archive redistributor) combined to use her material and cut it up live.

So, with three CD players, a theremin, two delay pedals, an effects rack, and a dodgily-wired home stereo unit, the InterWebMegaLink Media Trio was born. The anniversary memorial ceremony for the WTC disaster was conducted at none other than the prestigious Birmingham Hotel in Collingwood, and gave Ms OKneels work a fresh and live aspect theyd never had before, helping impart her educational vision to the mourning audience in a dignified, yet truly experimental, manner.

As the American flag was respectfully and ceremonially set alight and waved in the cold Collingwood night, it was good to know that our musical futures were safe in these three pairs of patriotic hands. The InterWebMegaLink Media Trio is still, wherever they go, whatever they play, protecting the Homeland...

Our Homeland...

Your Homeland.

- Oil War (unreleased) [4.79mb]
- Built On A Gun (unreleased) [2.65mb]

comparable to: negativland, christopher penrose, girl talk, wobbly, red symons (electronic work only), merge into stripes, realistic, john oswald.
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