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Interwebmegalink-Approved “Bands”: (Preston-and-Associated-Regions-Specific)

Here in the Department of Dark Notes and Forbidden Beats, we have accessed the very “finest” bands and audiomancers in the Preston-and-Associated-Regions area, and compiled them here for your general bemusement.  Although many of these “artists” have recorded vast bodies of work, much of it is unavailable for the general public, deleted, out of print, limited edition, too highly political, deeply offensive, and/or seized and destroyed by ASIO.   However, there are several nuggets that we’ve managed to hide from the authorities, archived anally to preserve it for future generations; for you, the people, to access later on.   These pungent pieces of Rogue Art are discoverable somewhere in this Department, to be downloaded at your leisure.  Precisely where?   

Now that is the mystery.

The Sigils of Memetic Invocation

Each “band” is marked by an Ancient Sigil, an individual powagram that not only Invokes the “artist” memetically, but actually hooks on to their Muse, forcing them to do one’s foul Bidding.  Thus is the Power of the Dark Notes, and the Sway of the Forbidden Beats; one can meddle, but they will meddle right back.

Arranged properly (we have shuffled them for safety), these Mnemonic Sigils can actually summon the Muse of each particular “band”, whether it be Azathoth, Shub-Niggurath, the Lord of All-right, or the velvety-green Princess Marie-Jane.  THIS IS NOT RECOMMENDED.  Unless one has up-to-date training in preternatural psychology, at least three years in transreal neomythology (with a major in hypergeometric biology), and plenty of garlic, ONE CAN NOT “MESS” WITH THESE “CREATURES”.


Instead, we have arranged the Sigils in standard AlphaBeta, hoping to lessen their Celestial Summoning qualities somewhat.  These measures, though stringent, cannot, of course, be seen as any sort of guarantee, and the InterWebMegaLink takes no responsibility for any Contact made.

Note: occasionally, one may come across the phrase “comparable to”.  This does in no way denote any actual comparison, either hystorical or on-going, and should not be taken as anything but a rough guide; a map of a place you’ve never heard of, printed in yellow ink on white paper, without words, symbols, or north-south orientation, with a corner missing, locked in a box at the bottom of a lake.