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starring ex-members from both Plastic Spacemen and Slopbox, Cursed are another of the astounding Melbourne ‘free-scape’ bands cropping up, generating both “songs” and “soundtracks” that defy categorisation.  Utilising synthesizers, v-drums, guitars, basses, and “effects”, Cursed are unencumbered with such earthly restrictions as ‘direction’, ‘ideas’, or even ‘style’, instead pursuing their own unfathomable and clandestine agenda, allowing riffs to burn out through sheer exhaustion, permitting jams to wander off into areas no-one ever dared explore before, encouraging songs to end abruptly, unexpectedly, or even not at all.

Both members of Cursed have been involved with the true POD since the mid-nineties, and both are following other avenues of personal musical affiliation (see also Phonophobic, the Yjame, New Horizons in Violence, Hard Rock Jukebox, the Urd, and ...and oot jumped the mexican.

comparable to: phonophobic, supersilent, zanzibar cob, ...and oot jumped the mexican, tortoise, plastic spacemen

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