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...and oot jumped the mexican*

featuring ex-members of Plastic Spacemen, BJ Petroleum, LUMP, gLOBALmINDfUCK and Slopbox, this three-piece create intricate electronic improvisations that loop, lurch, expand and shrink in the great soundtrack tradition of Goblin, Tangerine Dream, and Pink Floyd. Instrumental and improvised, ‘...the mexican generally employs real-played electronic v-drums, synthesised keyboard, bass-loops, eno-guitar, all played by any combination of the Yjame, the Egg “Mardy” Chicken, and the ubiquitous ADMacHine. Swapping instruments at the drop of a hat, there are some sections that are quite good (when ADMs not drumming, for instance).

- The Joblin 1 [4.29mb]
- PA [5.69mb]

comparable to: goblin, prop, eno and fripp, stereolab, tortoise, slopbox

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