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Not Buying It* (2003)

War in Iraq first seemed a crazy stunt pulled out of nowhere and vehemently denied by every world leader, then seemed more and more likely, then became a “necessity”, and eventually happened, and is still happening. This appalling state of affairs was being monitored by the Interwebmegalink at the time, and documented by BOK. Just before war was officially declared, she finished her album Not Buying It, featuring the adventures of Edison Carter and his desperate attempts to discover who is controlling the media. In a chilling metanarrative that leads right to the top of the powerpile, this CD examines the media manipulation that turned a ridiculous phantsy of madmens diseased minds into a dark and deadly reality. With this terrifying documentary, “even a jaded listener will agree that O'Kneel is articulate and savvy” - W.Miller, Splendid eMagazine, 22 07 04

There is no track listing for this CD; it is fragmented into propaganda snippets, adverts, blipverts, neohypnosis sections, condensed documentaries, and subliminal audio fields.

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