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Compop 2.4 (2002)

The culmination of her MiniMegaMix trilogy (now unavailable), this takes the best sections of aforementioned trilogy and splices them together into an even more mixed-up cut-n-paste popfest, the likes of which we have never previously seen. “Stairway to Heaven” meets “Golden Years”, mixed in with fragments of “Come as You Are”, “Red Corvette” and “The Battle of Evermore”; NWA splintered over the top of the Star Trek Theme, fighting for space with Daft Punk and Destinys Child; a disembodied Lizard King and a synth-sounding Freddie Mercury; Madonna restructured with the Jackson Five...

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track list

CD 1
1. Golden as you are Heaven
2. Weíll have to Make New Music (You Can / You Cannot)
3. Hiya
4. Hey, Mr Baby
5. Back To the Top
6. Whatta Percent Goes By
7. A Fifth Good
8. Bad Heart
9. Donít Look: 500 Waiting Teardrops
10. See Me Be A Ray
11. Carry Da Funky Wild Cold Thing
12. Scrub it (No Jumpiní)
13. Fuck da Funk Trek
14. Dan Sin
15. Working Class Rhapsody
16. Now Hold Me Foot
17. People Bringing Shard (to Make the Music)
18. Jump Me
19. Recycle da Jumpiní Weight
20. Epilogue: We Built this Rock and Roll

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