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il ligato

multi-layered and disturbient soundtrack duo from Preston, il ligato create “music” that is both timeless and ugly, dated and beautiful, irritating and hypnotic. Their first album (a jarring series of notes, beats and phrases culled from dozens of CDs, re-arranged live into smaller, more isolated fragments on CD player and CPU, before finally being transformed again on 4-track cassette deck, played simultaneously forward and backward, randomly sped up and slowed down, cut in and out of audibility, and finally re-arranged on computer) was ambitious enough, but then they created the ‘aleph null ‘nucleotide discs.

This “second album” of sorts is actually four CDs, each composed of the same collection of one-minute ambient/disturbient tracks, randomly arranged differently on each disc. With four CD players utilised at once (preferably on set to ‘random play), and with the appropriate Incantations and Exhalations facing the correct Rogue Studios, one receives the ‘aleph null experience proper; an hour of ever-changing, randomly-overlapping, infinitely-unique roughly-minute-long soundscapes.

Of course, the “beauty” of these nucleotide discs is that, on Real World CD players utilising Real World random play, there will be differing gaps between one-minute-long sections on each CD player. “Album” progresses, gaps become more and more out of sync, further increasing the possible listening spectrum; this increases the kazillion possible combinations of “tracks” into well over a google-kazillion.

This, according to il ligatos spokespeople, is quite a lot.

We do not know yet what strange perverted idea of music il ligato shall experiment with next, but we have heard rumours that it may involve a similar series of nucleotide discs, but with shorter track-lengths, varying track-lengths, and ‘conceptual stereo.

We cant wait.

- Ligato 5 (untitled) [1.49mb]

comparable to: IAO Core, the true POD, otomo yoshihide, merge into stripes, papa d(ouche), john oswald

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