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here at the InterWebMegaLink, our researchers have been documenting the birth of dubious new musical styles over the last couple of decades with keen interest, eager to finally hear that Genre-Which-Should-Not-Be, that fabled genre that will awaken the Sleeping Anti-Things Beyond the Universe, and usher in the New Golden Dawn. After exhaustive searching, documenting, collating and notation, we think we may have finally discovered it, and the only band in the world that plays it.

This genre is “psychedelic retro-electro swamp-froth android trunk black-prunk emo-spore fungle sci-fi grind-hop above-ground gothic surf wave bat-cave blue-note low-fi clone folk bioacoustic mystic gypsy-goth flunk-blunder space house garage lounge bedroom kitchen toilet backshed double-grunge undead romance”.

And this band is “go genre everything”.

comparable to: the sea-scouts, hawkwind, the atlantics, yat-kha, the true pod, chrome, the stabs, the octoberists.
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