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the day everything became nothing

when one performs a “search” on the “internet” these days for ‘the day everything became nothing, one is assaulted by nigh-on a gadzillion ‘nomeansno websites. But, hidden amongst this intercontinental intelligent punk rock is a nugget; a small, brown, local nugget of melbourne grindcore that also happens to be called ‘the day everything became nothing.

When we examine this steaming morsel more closely, we see that contains remnants of fuck... im dead, traces of slopbox and gLOBALmINDfUCK, and sticky streaks of blood duster, saturated with thrashcore grindrock gore massacre death.

Released through the ever-expanding No Escape Records empire, ‘the day everything became nothing has been described as ‘one of the best metal bands in the world by someone who was talking to a friend of ours one day, apparently.

- Naked (Le Morte) [1.74mb]
- Gravel (Le Morte) [2.78mb]

comparable to: blood duster, thrash horse, dead, slopbox, pod people, the kill.

available material:

le morte

All 'the day everything became nothing' albums released through No Escape Records; for purchasing information, feel free to browse

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