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with material being discovered and remastered every year or so, KosmicheMindenTheater are one of those old dead bands that still keep on making “great” “music”.

Little is known of KosmicheMindenTheater other than what we can learn through their music. Ostensibly German, KosmicheMindenTheater were apparently around in the heyday of the naively-named ‘krautrock, creating their own blend of drug-induced psychedelic rock-music and subverting the impressionable German youth.

With their supposedly long hair, their allegedly loud amplifiers, their rumoured-to-be quite popular concerts, and their apparently enormous predeliction for hallucinogenic mushrooms, KosmicheMindenTheater paved the way for so many bands that came after them (as far as we know), and will forever be remembered for certain memorable and legendary events that they may, or may not, have performed.

- Time Will Send Us Into Space [8.12mb]
- Die Futurmusik [8.65mb]

comparable to: gong, can, zanzibar cob, early kraftwerk, kollektiv, ...and oot jumped the mexican, faust

available material:

spacerock unt massivpipes

All 'kosmichemindentheater' albums rereleased through the Interwebmegalink; for purchasing information, feel free to contact

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