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Papa D(ouche)

more melodic than Merzbow, more disturbing than Eno, more Australian than Nullsonics, and more relaxing than Gore Beyond Necropsy, Papa Ds solo noiseworks are sound sculptures folded lovingly from CD samples, CPU loops, guitar feedback, CB radio drones, soundtrack fragments, video delays, bass rumblings, human voice, found percussion and walls of permutation.

Inspired by the darker side of life, in sound, subject-matter, and atmosphere, Papa Ds aural excursions are sprawling, multi-layered journeys through dimensional portals to the Mind, the Ubermind, and the Non Ens; guided by the sonic road-map of Papa Ds noisework, we are free to choose any mental path we care to meander...

...just stay off the “moors”, and beware the “moon”.

As one half of conceptual fracture/layer band il ligato, one of the founding podfathers of the true POD, the drummer for zanzibar cob, one of the Dark Brothers of fuck you god, freestyle journalist and memetic excavator for both the InterWebMegaLink and the GlobalDataBank, and involved in the throbbing machismo of cover-song-cheese-grater Hard Rock Jukebox, Papa D is one of the mysterious and ultimately-misleadingly-titled 16 Unnamed Unmentionables of the InterWebMegaLink Control Board.

- EP 2 [4.15mb]
- EP 4 [5.83mb]

comparable to: merzbow, supersilent, death ambient, brian eno, merge into stripes, the true POD, nurse with wound, il ligato, IAO core.
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