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ex-member of both Plastic Spacemen and L.U.M.P., e-wok has also sung and “played” keys for the true POD since the mid-nineties.  He is currently creating “music” with Egg ‘Mardy’ Chicken under the nom de rock Phonophobic, occasionally making noises with Beef Beef Viola, and [ removed on legal advice ]. A film-maker (“The PhanDom Menace”, “Just for Laughs”, etc), a multi-media whizz (creating web pages, computer games, cd rom-design, etc), and “songwriter” “extraordinaire”, e-wok is also involved somehow with coverband from hell, Hard Rock Jukebox.  He may be making a feature film about them soon.

comparable to: tism, plastic spacemen, trans am, stevie wonder, peter hammil, l.u.m.p

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