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one half of improgrammed electromancery-cult Oim 6yV, peckerhead (aka p3ck3r:h34d, p-3) has been tinkering with musical projectiles for as long as he can remember. As a familiar face around the Smoking Temples in the Preston-And-Associated-Regions area, however, the length of his memory may not be the most accurate guide.

A firm believer in channelling his music, and leaving as much to “chance” as possible, Peckerhead has taught himself how not to play the Computer, the Keyboard, the 4-track tape Manipulator, the reel-to-reel tape Manipulator, the Humyn Brain, extraneous wires, and things that go ‘buzz’.  It is with this firm grasp of how to avoid the correct way of playing these instruments that he achieves such pure channelling, such unadulterated access to the Dark Void Beyond.

As both half of the 0im 6yV, and one of the unnumbered and untitled 16 Unnamed Unmentionables of the InterWebMegaLink Control Board, peckerhead has vowed to carry the weight he has been assigned, and march forward, doing as he was Chosen to do.

He continues to release a solo track now and then.

comparable to: oim 6yv, admachine, coldcut, boards of canada, squarepusher, buttress o’kneel, dj food, matmos.
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