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The First Year of Terror    By Donation
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The First Year Of Terror (2002)

If 9 11 changed the world (as every man and his dog suggest), then the anniversary of 9 11 was the first year of a new Hystoric Epoch. What happened in those 365 days of terror? Buttress OKneel recreates that fateful year through samples recorded throughout the year, making an accurate and compelling document of if, how, and why the world is so “different” now. Focusing on the growing love story between the then-President of America, George W Bush, and the then-Prime Minister of Australia, John Howard, and extensively sampling the Andrews Sisters, Eminem, and 80s pop, Buttress “lays a damning upper cut upon the current administration and what she sees as a hypocritical US jihad.” - W.Miller, Splendid eMagazine, 22 07 04

As a special treat for early purchasers, we are including the digital short film “A Deep Personal Love”, a video remix collaboration with CLINT FLICKS, on copies of this album.

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track list

CD 1
1. first countdown
2. let's fly
3. chaos and confusion
4. deep personal love
5. at war
6. ass gets drafted
7. what happened
8. broader strategic goals
9. fence me in
10. axis of oil
11. me too
12. fear of foreigners
13. come on aussie
14. don't let your mother know
15. never aggressed no-one
16. deep personal love (reprise)
17. highlight packages
18. son of a
19. O.B. (original bush)
20. watch this space
21. make just one person happy
22. intensely disappointed
23. the middle east dust
24. bandwagon
25. special love (god help us)
26. diplomacy is good
27. to be happy
28. over the top
29. icons
30. final countdown
31. reapin' time
32. bonus VIDEO TRACK: A Deep Personal Love

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