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badcop badcop

when one performs and internet search for badcop badcop, one discovers pages and pages devoted to a terrible action/comedy that appeared on Australian TV several years ago; then, one discovers pages and pages dedicated to some record label of the same name; then, if one is lucky, one discovers generic pages about actual bad cops; and, eventually, one discovers maybe one or two entries about some noise band from Melbourne.

This band is, perhaps, the one we’re talking about.

Not simply noise, not simply rock, but some queer mutant sibling of both, badcop badcop (or bc/bc as it is known to some) is another of the interwebmegalink’s “supergroups”, featuring members and ex-members of: the stabs, fuck you god, aux assembly, gLOBALmINDfUCK, bowl of dick, she-camel of god, pig slash rhino, universal joint, buffy buff-buff and the tufnels, and the True POD. Which is pretty good for a three-piece.

With sounds ranging from behemothic fedback catastrophe, to delicate fedback ambience, with a healthy splash of aussie rock thrown in, badcop badcop are the crystallised essence of sprawling instrumental rock’n’roll.

And they are very fucking loud, too.

comparable to: sunn (((o))), boris, aux assembly, bowl of dick, hanadensha, soft.

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