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one of the first ‘noise-metal-jazz-western-rock bands to crop up in the Preston-and-Associated-Regions area, gLOBALmINDfUCK were as obscure in their heyday as they are now. Although its now hard to believe, once there was a time when rap and metal were mortal enemies; so too, country and disco, jazz and electronic, noise and prog. Perhaps it was the climate, the abundance of monotremes, or the rugged red deserts, but for some reason Australia, and Australian “musicians” in particular, began to change all that.

Bands like The Fat Thing and LUMP brought together funk, punk, psychedelia and boredoms-style noise, exploding in a carnival of surReal “antics”; similar bands like Regurgitator and gLOBALmINDfUCK brought together metal, rock, rap, jazz, funk and electronica, fused with a political savvy and a satirical eye. Featuring (altogether) Egg “Mardy” Chicken on split-second drums, ADMacHine on coincidentally-microtonal guitar, Mr Pi on virgin bass, the Yjame on (initially) bass and (eventually) guitar, Bress on the Chapman Stick (ten-stringed guitar/bass played sort of like a piano), and Bendy on the (then laughed-at) computer, gLOBALmINDfUCK confused and bemused simultaneously.

(Yes, a CPU, live on stage, triggering samples with different keys. Sounds kinds boring nowadays, doesnt it? Back then, back in the early-to-mid-nineties, people just freaked out. What kind of band was this, anyway?)

Featuring (now and then) Mad Marmalade on electrified viola, gLOBALmINDfUCK drove audiences away from pub after pub, got variously turned down and turned off, ended up winning awards, representing Melbourne University, and performing at the yet-to-be-burned-down Optilt Gallery.

Like all “legendary” bands, they ended up splitting over musical direction, the lack of potential success, and the built-up frustrations of years of stoner apathy from both musicians and management alike. Despite the desolate cries from the few noise-disco free-rock electronic-metal fans out there, gLOBALmINDfUCK was no more.

Various ex-members now play in Zanzibar Cob, The Day Everything Became Nothing, At Sea, Fuck You God, Flesh versus Venom, Cursed, New Horizons in Violence, Merge into Stripes, the true POD, ...and Oot Jumped the Mexican, and Phonophobic.

The mINDfUCK lives on.

Reviews: (live performance, 1996):
“Guitar out of tune. Band tight.”
“Bass player and keyboard player could look like theyre into the music more.”
“Original riffs and feels... good arrangements.”
“Very good... guitar intonation needs attention... innovative drummer.”

- Dirt (Underline The Hen) [3.61mb]
- Bushpig (Underline The Hen) [7.36mb]

comparable to: Ministry, Mr Bungle, Peril, Tism, LUMP, P.Harness, Revolting Cocks, The Fat Thing, Slopbox, Regurgitator, Zeni Geva, Melvins

available material:

i have evolved - EAT my children (EP)
underline the hen (double 'live' CD)

All 'gLOBALmINDfUCK' albums released through Guitar and Plunger Studios; for purchasing information, feel free to contact

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