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the true p.o.d

to really be able to understand the true POD, one really has to have lived it. If bands were frozen peas, then the true POD is a huge bucket full of frozen corn. If music was a pair of curtains, then the true POD is a large painted mural of a pair of curtains, covered in a real pair of curtains. If the sound of a band tuning up was a glass of water, the sound of the true POD tuning up is like a glass of water being drunk by the lead singer of a different band who are simultaneously tuning up, to a different tuning altogether.

Beginning humbly at about 170 kmph on the train to Bentleigh, the true POD was named after the Power Operated Doors onboard all Victorain trains, and was invented (both conceptually and physically) by “musician” A.D.MacHine and “screenwriter” E.V.Dais (aka: dj Helstroms Kitchen). They wanted a band that, if writing a song was like eating spaghetti, would make music that was more like driving to Geelong; they wanted to create a sound that, if a normal verse in a normal song was imagined as a huge round of cheese balanced precariously on a moving gyroscope, would create verses more easy to imagine as a series of tiny elephants crawling through a keyhole in search of extremely light-weight corduroy trousers.

The true POD transgresses style, genre, number of members, instruments, song-structure; there are members of the true POD who live in the USA, and have never met the others. Indeed, everything mentioned on this website is somehow related to the true POD, except those few things that are yet to.

But they will, however...

Oh yes, they will.

- Steal The Sweat From Your Brow (POD 4) [2.75mb]
- Go Back Alone (POD 6) [3.31mb]

comparable to: ween, IAO core, the residents, merge into stripes, matmos, tenacious d, the moyst boyz, they might be giants, the black swan network, fuck you god.

available material:

pod 1
pod 2
pod 3
pod 4
pod 5
pod 6
pod 7

podlive 1
podlive 2

All 'the true p.o.d' albums released through Guitar and Plunger Studios; for purchasing information, feel free to contact

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