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din of inequity*

absolutely nothing is known about din of inequity, other than the rumours that surface every so often in the Preston (and Associated-Regions) area; that they only play at midnight, on a new moon; that they have played with both Zanzibar Cob and Justin Timberlake, on the same bill; that they drink only blood and sacrifice virgins to Isis and Iak Sakkakth; that they are somehow connected to Bowl of Dick, the Stabs, and the nefarious Soul Bludger. Whether any of this is “true” is yet to be decided; let it just be said that there lurks an awesome power in the legend of the Din, a power that can not be explained in mere humyn terms; a power that feels Ancient, tastes Foul, smells of Pure Evil, and sounds fucking Loud.

comparable to: jihad against america, the stabs, zanzibar cob, slopbox.

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