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some cover bands play their material so well, jam so often, and work so hard, that they really do earn the right to call that material their own, no matter who wrote the orignals. Memetically, they have succeeded in creating something new.

Other cover bands, however, play their material like they havent even bothered to learn it, rarely (if ever) rehearse, and never get any gigs.

These bands are just shit.

Then there are those other sort of cover band; the sort that doesnt even realise it is playing a cover song, that doesnt comprehend the idea that one can rehearse, that covers a song so incredibly ineptly that, they too, earn the right to call this disfigured heap of mangled 70s rock their own.

Hard Rock Jukebox is exactly this third kind of cover band.

A ‘supergroup of sorts, HRJ (as their tattoos say) is dedicated to playing nothing but the greatest hits of hard rock from the 70s, 80s, and today, sometimes simultaneuously. With two guitars, bass, drums, and two duelling vocalists, every song is pounded to death at ear-haemorraging levels, sometimes played at different speeds and in different keys by every single member of the band.

HRJ have been the subject of a recent documentary in recent times, caught live on video tape at their reunion concert.

The future for HRJ?

For now, they are content to simply rock.

- Bohemian Rhapsody (Eest) [5.05mb]
- Come As You Are (Eest) [2.73mb]

Reviews: (first live performance, 1997):
“...original approach?”
“...its taking music where its never dared to go.”
“Rock ‘n Roll!”
“It must be hard to play so much out of tune and out of time.”

comparable to: p.harness, black rose, fuck you god, the true POD

available material:

hard rock jukebox: unleeshed in the eest (short documentary)


All 'hard rock jukebox' albums released through Guitar and Plunger Studios; for purchasing information, feel free to contact

'Unleeshed in the Eest' short film available from

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