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featuring ex-members of Plastic Spacemen, gLOBALmINDfUCK, and L.U.M.P., NHIV is a two-piece that defies description. That is, unless one was to describe them as a ‘disco-terror-funk electro-prog band comprised of keys, drum machine, Chapman Stick, politically-inspired satirical vocals, and relevant superimposed media samples. One could also describe them as cutting-edge breakbeat minimalism meets cape-and-moustache 70s prog, with a dash of tight-trouser-bulging disco funk thrown in to get things stirring. One could also, I suppose, mention their strictly-terrorist lyrics, their black humour (or heretical, treasonous slander?), their well-thought-out political statements, or their smart and natty dress sense.

Indeed, it appears that perhaps the one thing that New Horizons in Violence does not defy is description.

Let it be said that, once the catchy middle-eastern prog-disco electro-vibe of this terror-inducing duo hits you, it will be all you can do to endure the little freedom you have left.

New Horizons In Violence can be found here.

comparable to: tism, king crimson, trans am, rush, stevie wonder, plastic spacemen, the secret chiefs 3, ozric tentacles, bress, e-wok.
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