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mantis sage

one of the central axles in the ever-rotating ‘axis of entertainment’ that is the interwebmegalink’s ‘department of dark notes and forbidden beats’ would have to be mantis sage.   As one of the founders of plastic spacemen, ever-present supporter of gLOBALmINDfUCK, oft-times collaborator with POD, occasionally digitally-editing with Buttress O’Kneel, and founder and core songwriter of zanzibar cob, there are barely any pies that he hasn’t dipped his psychedelic little fingers into.  His freshest, tastiest pie so far is his solo bass-samples-loops-distortions-cut-up work, compiled into the virtually impossible to get ‘Chamaeleonic’.  Some who have eaten of this particular pie have fallen to its hypnotic swoon; others have savoured its flavour, yet not known what they taste; still more have succumbed to its tripp’d out melodies and fuck’d up sounds.

You can discover what makes him ‘tick’ here.

comparable to: buttress o’kneel, gyorgi ligeti, zanzibar cob, john oswald, xenakis.
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