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winners of the first-ever Pre-emptive ARIA Award, jihad against america are one of the few local bands that have raised the hackles of Derryn Hinch, world-famous radio presenter. Upset by both their name and their brazen disrespect for all things, Derryn launched into a scathing tirade against the band, serving to bring them to the attention of hundreds of people who would have otherwise never have heard of them.

The band had already become martyrs.

Their legions of followers swelled, creating splinter fanclubs hidden amongst society, some fans setting off memetic bombs of 7” EPs in crowded areas, sometimes obliterating themselves in the process. The band responded by launching even more explosive gigs, now featuring three grindcore vocalists, as well as the traditional keyboard, guitar and one of the most awesome drummers in the so-called southern hemisphere.

comparable to: sore throat, the stabs, dead kennedys, napalm death, melt banana.

available material:

jihad against america (7")

All 'jihad against america' releases through Soul Bludger Records; for purchasing information, feel free to contact

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