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About the Recycling Division

In early 2000, it was realised that, if trends were to continue at the alarming rate they are today, by 2050 the cultural mindspace would be utterly submerged in tired Rock, limping Disco, overcompressed R&B, and a continual stream of Top Ten Midriff. Worried about the ecological and memetic consequences such a stagnation would certainly cause, the InterWebMegaLink decided to clean up where the Megastudios had failed.

Simply by picking up the clutter around us and recycling it, without introducing any “new” elements whatsoever, we can create works which dissociate the Memetic Auras of the original works, and free up precious environmental brainspace.

“It is not so much about ‘recycling trash as it is about ‘restructuring cultural-consciousness” says OKneel in her first MiniMegaMix SubProject CD insert; “it is about turning what is utterly familiar into something that is both new and still old; a true turning of the compop heap” . Societys pop-compost certainly is in dire need of turning, before it simply rots and makes our precious memetic culture-soil toxic and barren.

“With the recent advances in recycling technology, pretty much anyone with a computer can sample these dominant organisms, and, time permitting, reintroduce new species into the meme pool.”

Given the speed at which the corporatised megamedia dispatches its Musical mind-control clones, it is increasingly necessary to Recycle and Recycle now. “To introduce new cultural references to the notes, words, and beats monopolised by the megacompanies is to, slowly and surely, increase memetic biodiversity, and with it, create total musical self-sufficiency.”
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