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fuck you god

few bands are so blatantly evil, swearing themselves to both satan and the Creatures Older and More Unpleasant. Utilising Preston (including both Preston South and Extreme Preston) and its hystory of Foul Slayings, Animal Sacrifice and Pig Entrails, FYG not only create pure Evil, but live it. Featuring ex-members of LUMP, gLOBALmINDfUCK and the True P.O.D, this daemonic duo carve their sloppy black metal from the caverous bowel of Beelzebub himself, and serve it up cold with a side-salad of Dark Satanic Blasphemy. With two albums so far (‘A Blaze in the Preston Skies and ‘The Great Unmaking of the World) and a single 20-minute live appearance (the band was dragged, spitting and cursing, from the stage after numerous ‘accidents), Fuck You God are guaranteed* to Darken your Third Ear; maybe even Raise the Dead.

(*not guaranteed)

- Pontification Of The Demiogre Of Mortal Flesh (A Blaze In The Preston Skies) [308kb]
- Blood Feast (The Great Unmaking Of The World) [2.89mb]

comparable to: abruptum, the true p.o.d, early mayhem, the horn

available material:

a blaze in the preston skies
the great unmaking of the world

All 'fuck you god' albums released through Guitar and Plunger Studios; for purchasing information, kill yourself and write the words in your own blood.

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