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bowl of dick

featuring members of both The Stabs and The InterwebMegalink Media Trio, bowl of dick have moved beyond the wall-of-noise concept, to the far more challenging realm of wall-to-wall-carpet-of-noise. With moods ranging from introspective ambient filthy noise to nihilistic destruction-of-the-world filthy noise, bowl of dick are perhaps even better known for their designer clothing range, their natty stickers, and their memorable name, than they are for their particular brand of music.

Associated with the infamous Rogue Studio Soul Bludger, bowl of dick continue to amaze, perplex, and deafen audiences with bass effects, tape echo boxes, occasionally the worlds only synergistic bitheremin, and the ol SK-1 sampling keyboard.

Try them, for you never know:

Bowl of Dick may just be your Cup of Tea.

comparable to: merzbow, controlled bleeding, papa d, eno, the true pod, lazy.

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