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at sea

one of the few acoustic prog-folk bands still around, ‘at sea dare to tread where other bands fear to dare to tread, and the dare to tread it with acoustic guitar, acoustic drums, acoustic bass, and acoustic vocals.

Featuring ex-members of Circushead, Plastic Spacemen, Breatherhole, BJ Petroleum and Slopbox, ‘at sea create intricate neo-ballads of loss, pain, large bodies of water, and angst, and juxtapose them with instrumental passages of immense beauty and timeless something-or-other. Never before has the music of the Spheres been so thoroughly enjoyable; maybe, just maybe, it never will again.

- Avoid All Mirrors (from "listening to some other songs about that") [5.45mb]
- Knitting Bones (from "listening to some other songs about that") [4.33mb]

comparable to: plastic spacemen, slopbox, circushead, breatherhole, bj petroleum, because of ghosts

available material:

listening to some other songs about that
malfunctioning teleprompter

Released through Unstable Ape Records; for purchasing information, feel free to contact

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