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many bands stopped searching for that fabled Lost Chord in the seventies, restraining themselves from jamming on one riff for seventeen minutes, halting their natural desires to solo indefinitely, repressing their instinct to smoke up and rock out, instead opting for proving themselves as “songwriters”. In the late nineties, through some metacorporeal misadventure, some collosal interdimensional blunder, some unforeseeable metanomical mislabelling, this search of the seventies has been reborn, reincarnated into the three-lobed body of Zanzibar Cob.

Distilling, bottling, and virtually giving away the Essence of Improvised Seventies Progressive Rock, Zanzibar Cob was born out of the ashes of gLOBALmINDfUCK and Plastic Spacemen; ashes mixed with a dash of the true POD thrown in for good measure, well-stirred , microwaved on High for two minutes, then served with a side salad of Mary Jane Mushroom Surprise. With Mantis Sage on sub-audible pentrastringual bass, A.D.macHine on delay-drenched admacophonic treble bass, and Papa D on drums that are one part Keith Moon to two parts Magic Band, Zanzibar Cob is nearly entirely improvised, creating hour-long non-stop jams that ebb and flow over ten-minute subsections, traversing terrain related to psychedelia, hard rock, punk, new wave, krautrock, 70s metal, stoner rock, abstract jazz, noise-scapes, and those dope-drenched sections of the Grateful Dead that came to be called ‘space.

Shut your eyes, stop using just your ears to hear, and take a trip to the Edge with Zanzibar Cob...

...just watch you dont fall off.

The edge, that is. Dont fall off the edge.

comparable to: godspeed you black emperor, and oot jumped the mexican, gong, kyuss, cursed, melvins, phonophobic, the grateful dead.

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All 'zanzibar cob' albums released through Guitar and Plunger Studios; for purchasing information, feel free to contact