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the Fruiting Body

one of the most powerful forces of creating music is listening, rather than creating. When one listens, one hears all the whirs and clicks of nature, all the hums and squeals and drips of Gaia, all the ploops and clangs and whoops and ftaahs of the Big Bang itself. Everything is music; the Universe is one big Endless Jam, an improvised (but strictly conducted) soundscape piece of found sound and musique concrete.

This is the Fruiting Body comes in.

To enable people to more easily listen to the Universe, long-time the true POD collaborator nalanand freelance sound-collager buttress okneel formed the Fruiting Body in 2000, dedicating to distilling the sounds of the Endless Jam, from motorcycle engines to melting ice, and compiling them in little vignettes. Where many ‘natural sound artists shy away from ‘man-made objects like cars and kettles, concentrating instead on ‘natural sounds like rivers and birds, the Fruiting Body understands the Endless Jam more fully; humyn people are just as ‘natural as non-humyn people, and thusly, so are their sounds.

One of the essential steps in fully developing the Extra Six Chakras is to listen to the universe as it is, without conceptual filters, without judgment. Thanks to the Fruiting Body, this process is finally within our grasp and, simultaneously, infinitely more difficult.

At the time of writing, this electronique concrete duo had just about completed their second album Nudibranch and the Moondew.

We await more with bated breath.

- Owls With Veils Of Spray (The Field) [2.07mb]
- Zone 4 (Nudibranch and the Moondew) [5.07mb]

comparable to: matmos, the Quiet American, ned bouhalassa, mum, otomo yoshihide.

available material:

the field
nudibranch and the moondew

All 'the fruitng body' albums released through the Interwebmegalink; for purchasing information, feel free to contact

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