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Turnin' Dust Into Stars    $AU10.00
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Turnin' Dust Into Stars (2003)

Country music is for expressin hurt and humilty, and for gettin out all that angst and pain in sweet vocal harmony. This is exactly what A D MacHine did, producing perhaps the worlds first experimental I D M country and western album. Although not every track is exactly country, nor precisely western, the flavour of jerky pervades evry song. Happy and sad, funny and poignant, pigfilthy and heartstringy, this album is what breakups are all about.

1 CD - $AU10.00 - buy here

track list

CD 1
1. that shit anymore
2. yrsago v2
3. turinkuru
4. star
5. an allegory for the self-creating "now" of the conscious
6. turinkuru 2
7. livbas 61203
8. fonely
9. my last song

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