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Like Snow n Supernovae    $AU10.00
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Like Snow n Supernovae (2003)

This two-track epic begins slowly, with ambient beats and minimal acoustic guitar, and slowly builds through wordless voice and chilled breakbeats, gradually more and more frenetic and distorted, before pausing in bubbling noise and the sounds of neighbours. Then the tension explodes into grindcore-tinged electrobeats with the words “fuck the future, theres no such thing” screeched black-metal style; slowly, the epileptic angst-fest coalesces into a up-tempo remix of the earlier acoustic guitar, and the track winds its way down to earth again. A work of art that trancends genre, and firmly places A D MacHine somewhere between Abba and Anal Cunt.

1 CD - $AU10.00 - buy here

track list

CD 1
1. like snow
2. like supernovae

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