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Whinge (2004)

Some people cant shut up about their shit relationship troubles, going on and on and on about how terrible their break up was, how sad they are, blah blah fucking blah. In a desperate attempt to circumvent this eventuality, A D M decided to spleen all his daemons in one fell swoop, and record the most self-deprecating, unhappy, whingeful diatribe he could. With lines like “im digging my own grave a little deeper every day / Theres room in here for two, whatcha say?” in his pick-up song, and the warts-and-all documentation of him collapsing, pissed and stoned, in the middle of a recording session, this is an honest, funny, and moving document of single life for the Admacdaddy. And its got wikid beats too.

1 CD - $AU10.00 - buy here

track list

CD 1
1. room in here for two
2. the remains
3. kizzounsellor
4. seven minute sulk
5. sad desperate man
6. too stoned and drunk to play
7. disapeer

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