Department of Dark Notes and Forbidden Beats

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This department is dedicated to the collection, translation, and display of Sounds which may (or may not) open dimensional portals to either the Mind, the Ubermind, or the Non Ens beyond the Universe as we know it, and Musics which may (or may not) possess particularly Wicked Grooves and Full-on Noises.  

“Music can increase the growth in plants or even the activity in yogurt cultures... Musak has been proven to make us buy things.  White noise can increase productivity in the workplace.  Annoying sounds emanate from certain areas of shopping malls to help corral people into the stores.”1 Of course, there are darker, more dangerous powers that Music and Sound can possess; powers that Those In Control mortally fear.   

Strange powers.

Ancient powers.

Here, in the Department of Dark Notes and Forbidden Beats, you will find all you need to rediscover the Ancient Harmonies, to reclaim the near-mythical Lost Chord, to finally stop using your ears to hear, and to fully develop the Extra Six Chakras.   Here, in the Department of Dark Notes and Forbidden Beats, you will hear Things you may wish you had Never Heard...

...but you could always go and listen to some N*Sync instead.

1. Stoned Free: How to Get High without Drugs, Wells and Rushkoff, 1995, page 19