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It’s not all “let’s be all electronic and experimental and talk in this really esoteric way about things that at first appear to be a joke and then turn out later to be actually totally true” here at the InterWebMegaLink, far from it.  There’s also an element of “let’s kill for SATAN”. 

With this in mind, it is no surprise that Papa D’s Rogue ‘Post-Apocalyptic Studios’ is home to the infamous Fuck You God, who rehearse there exclusively, as well as numerous other less-demonic acts (the true POD, Zanzibar Cob, and Il Ligato, to name a few).

Surrounded by hand-crafted Fine ‘Art’, quasi-quadrophonics, and the smoke of Doomsday, there are few who can forget the experience of daring to record at Post-Apocalyptic Studios.

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