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The Eric (and erica) laboratories (Ealing)

Having become bored with the parochial lifestyle The Eric (and erica) laboratories violently uprooted itself, swarmed through time and space and re-laid it's foundations again on the other side of the world in Ealing, London. Consequently bendy followed the lab to it's new home else it was life on the street for him.

Currently the Lab is mainly a digital communications hypermancing hub and audiotronic production house as opposed to a producer of the dark notes and forbidden beats. However it is rumoured that this is soon to change.....

Unlike previous incarnations of The Eric (and erica) laboratories the Ealing branch is wholly avineless though there are plenty of artifacts scattered amongst the bunsen burners and beakers to remember them by. The next implementation of the labs will surely rectify this situation.

And we're keeping a close eye on the Windsors.....