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As the world revolves and events "happen", someone has to write them down, film them or edit them into clever little audio documentaries; otherwise, they have never "happened".  Increasingly, this creation of hystory is being left to a diminishing variety of supercompanies, while alternative visions of the passage of time are discarded.  This, demands the InterWebMegaLink, is short-sighted, egotistical, and downright dangerous.

What these limited megacompanies are doing is nothing short of bottle-necking the meme-pool.  If some alien meme should come crashing down to earth, and there is only one standard view of hystory, society, and culture, we risk losing it all.  What the humyn race needs is memetic biodiversity, as much as it needs genetic biodiversity; to survive, we require disparate and conflicting hystories of this Planet Earth.  

But who is making these extra-curricular hystories? If we are to reprogram our minds efficiently, we must know our programmers.  To this end, the Department of Rogue Studios collects, analyses, and distributes these refiners of Hystory for the world to dissect; the rest is up to you.

Open your Mind...

...and your Ass will Follow.