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Developed over a year before the first Guitar and Plunger Studios even took form, the Alpha Eric (and Erica) Laboratories was one of the Power Nexii that helped shaped the early days of Posturban Roccult Experidementia, well before the genre had even been properly named.

As well as being first home to the 486-driven grind-electro-hop of gLOBALmINDfUCK, the Carlton studios were responsible for the production of the second, third and fourth p.O.d albums, and were both the figurative and literal abode of Bendy, Nadine, Tiger Tim, P-Head and (unofficially) a d macHine at various points in Time. It was here that the Smoking Ritual as we know it today was fully developed; it was here that the Grateful Dead, Primus, Ministry and Phish played live-on-tape seemingly forever; it was here that Mantis Sage used to come every week for solace and reconnexion to the Elder Powers, and would light macHines pipe for him while he was still playing guitar.

Alas, even though the ley-lines it was built upon remained strong, the constant drivebys, gangbanging, bumrushing and shitshooting of Posturban Carlton began to effect the Pspiritual Wharmony of the Alpha Eric (and Erica) Laboratories, and the once-sacrosanct terrace crumbled...

...only to resurface in Preston South, shinier, bigger, and with more LEDs than ever before.

The Eric (and Erica) Laboratories live on.

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