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Based on the same sound recycling philosophies as the InterWebMegaLinks own Recycling Division, detritus is a Rogue Studio that delights in the metaphorical “dead plant and animal matter” that creats new “life”, revels in the conceptual “rotting leaves” in the artistic “forest”, gazes lovingly at the cultural “silt” on the bottom of societys “pond”, and squishes its digital “toes” in the “thick dark mud” of the memetic “salt marsh”.

But its not all nature metaphors at detritus; certainly not. There are also food metaphors.

To avoid “eating” the Annunaki/Ek Chuan mind-control-meme-manipulation “fast-food”, the detritus network refuses to “swallow”, instead “playing with its food” until the corporations “arent looking”, at which point they “spit” what they have so dexterously “chewed”.

The InterWebMegaLink nods its collective head, and winks its collective eye.

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