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Known by some as crazy, known by others as jeff, known by still more as crazy jeff, “Crazy” Jeff is not only one of the founders of that ol Rogue Studio, Video Activist-Training Camp and Media Archive known as Whispered Media, but is also one of the “associates” of Unusual and Experimental Film-maker Craig Baldwin and his OtherCinema. “Crazy” Jeff, like his Unusual and Experimental “friend”, is one of the worlds pioneers in media-archaeology, and has devoted his life to the exploration, collection, and distribution of as many of the Dark Films (and as much of the Forbidden Footage) as he can.

When the Meme from Beyond the Spheres eventually comes crashing into our Cultural Mindspace, we shall be glad that “Crazy” Jeff survived unscathed from the burning wreckage of Whispered Media in that unforgettable extraterrestrial MindBattle; for, without his dramatic and heroic escape, there would be no “Crazy” Jeff Website.

See his links page, and you will “understand” what we “mean”.

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